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Shandong Jinmao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier of automation equipment for brick and tile enterprises in China, the governing unit of China Brick and tile Industry Association, the designated production enterprise of national brick and tile machinery and block machinery, and the leading enterprise of China's brick and tile manufacturing machinery subdivision industry. It is also an example for domestic manufacturers in this industry. The company has been committed to the research and development and application of palletizing robots, automatic code cutting and transporting, automatic billet manipulator and other equipment, with a complete series of code cutting and transporting products, which is a strong guarantee for brick and tile enterprises to achieve high quality, efficient and energy-saving production.

Our company believes that success of customers is our future. "Pursuing quality and striving for perfection" is the common pursuit of all Jinmao people. In the continuous development of our enterprise, a scientific research and manufacturing institution with the development of new wall materials and equipment as the main body has been formed, so that scientific research results can be transformed into productivity as soon as possible, so as to improve the design and development technology level of our factory, improve the technique of equipment, and push our brick and tile equipment technology to a new start. In terms of quality system, our enterprise will always adhere to high standards and strict requirements, establish the concept of large-scale management of products and enterprises, improve the overall quality of enterprises, increase investment, recruit talents, attach importance to quality training, and build the enterprise into a standardized enterprise integrating scientific research, production, technical services and management system.

All Jinmao employees are willing to sincerely cooperate with customers all over the country , work hand in hand and develop together.


Shandong AAA Credit Enterprise | Shandong Provincial Enterprise Respecting Contract and Keeping Credit

Shandong One Enterprise One Technological Enterprise | AAA Brand Enterprise of Quality and Credit in China

Excellent Product Supplier of China Brick and Tile Industry Association | Excellent Innovative Enterprise of Wall Material Equipment in China

Vice-President Unit of National Wall Material Science and Technology Information Network


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